Block 12

Director: Kyriakos Tofaridis

Cast: Osman Alkas, Neetu Chandra, Costas Demitriou

Rating: 1/5

Block 12 is a Cyprus comedy making its Canadian premiere. The movie tells the story of the highly eccentric Rizites family and the British and Cyprus governments attempt to take their land because of possible oil deposits.

Block 12 is full of too many outrageous characters and scenarios and ends up looking ridiculous and feeling off putting.  It also leaves too many unanswered questions. Why did the most self centered son adopt a black child that neither he nor his wife, who left him after he lost all his money, cared about? Where did this same son find a mysterious Indian nanny/housekeeper who uses magic and sexual healing?   What was the point of introducing the Russian influence? This movie had to many ideas and would have benefited from more editing.

There were some funny moments but not enough to keep me interested.  I give it 1 star. My  opinion of the European Film Festival is no better, I found it very disorganized. They didn’t let anyone in until a few minutes before the movies posted start time, leaving ticket holders crammed in the front lobby and people in the rush line standing in the cold. It was a disappointing experience.

Esther Simera