Female Eye Film Festival Celebrates 14 years!

The Female Eye Film Festival (FEFF) is celebrating 14 years June 14-19, 2016, in Toronto, with 80 Film Screenings, Industry Panels, and Special Events. Voted one of the “World’s Top Fifty Film Festivals” by MovieMaker Magazine for the 4th consecutive year,  Female Eye Film Festival is an international film festival for women directors that bridges the gap between the written, visual, and media arts, with an eclectic program of films, script readings, book signings, a photo exhibit, music nights, industry-initiative panels, and best-in-the-biz tributes. The festival provides an exclusive showcase for Canadian and international independent women filmmakers.

During the six days, The Female Eye Film Festival will screen animation,
experimental, short and feature documentaries, and an eclectic selection of
feature films and short films from the international film making community, all directed by women. Films from across Canada and the United States, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Iran, Ireland, UK, Germany, Swizterland, Turkey, just to name a few.

The festival will open on June 14,2016 with the Gala Screening
of “HE HATED PIGEONS” directed by Ingrid Veninger, accompanied by an improvised one-time-only live score by Canadian Singer-Songwriter Jane Siberry. “He Hated Pigeons” is about love and loss featuring newcomer Pedro Fontaine in the title role of Elias, a young man who travels from northern to the southern Chile on a cathartic journey of the spirit, and to fulfill the wish of mysteriously deceased lover.

FEFF walks the talk in presenting films directed exclusively by women,
when many offer rhetoric in the name of gender parity but show little to no
action. I salute the festival and am honoured by your recognition to join
these incredible filmmakers who work hard. “Work harder. Work hardest. That’s what we do.” Ingrid Veninger, pUNK FILMS. Female Eye Film Festival is delighted to pay tribute to Ingrid Veninger and present her with the 2016 “Female Eye Honoury Director” Award.

The Female Eye Film Festival (FEFF) produces a series of exciting Industry Programs during the six day festival with the support of Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC) that bring together writers, filmmakers, funders, distributors, and other stakeholders in film and television. The program will deliver a robust industry initiative program, “Making It Happen In 2016”, as the festival continues to make a strong commitment to Ontario filmmakers/ screenwriters and producers by delivering sessions geared to deliver results, namely the Good To Go, a closed door pitch session involving the industry and writers who have projects that are good to go. The Industry Panel Discussions include “Meet The Funders”, “Meet The Guilds & Agencies” and “Meet The Distributors”; the Directors Round Table celebrates its 6th edition at the Female Eye Film Festival, and this year the festival is producing two NEW Master Classes, along with the 2nd Annual LIVE PITCH (winner takes home a $2,500 cash prize) supported by Cinespace and TriBros Studio.

Female Eye Film Festival will close June 19,2016 with the Gala Screening
“SPLit” Directed by Deborah Kampmeier a Female Eye Film Festival Alum.
“SPLit tells the story of Inanna, a young actress, working as a stripper, who
becomes obsessed with a mask maker, she sacrifices parts of herself and her life, piece by piece, in order to win his love. At the same time she enters
a mythic journey in the theater, one that blurs her performance, her dreams, and her real life, resulting in a provocative and powerful confrontation that frees her. “I am grateful and honored to have SPLit screen as the closing night film for the 14th Annual FEFF. Leslie Ann Coles and the festival have championed my voice and films from the beginning.” Deborah Kampmeier – Full Moon Films

Female Eye Film Festival is supported by Bell Media. All screenings will be held at The Theatre Centre – 1115 Queen St W, Toronto For the complete schedule http://www.femaleeyefilmfestival.com/#!films/fd0em

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