Female Eye Film Festival 2014

The 12th Annual Female Eye Film Festival ran from June 18th to 22nd with screenings of North American and International independent films made by female filmmakers and dedicated to women’s perspective of story telling. You can check out a video of the festival highlights here.

Founded in 2001 by actress, filmmaker, and WIDC alumna, Leslie Ann Cole, the FEFF is known for being “Always honest, not always pretty”. This year’s selection of films brought a diverse outlook on the emerging and established female talent in many genres of film. The screenings took place at the Royal Cinema, while workshops were held around the city. What distinguishes this festival amongst the three international women’s film festivals in Canada is its focus on education. Discussion panels and workshops encouraged rapport between women who are established in the film industry to provide their experience and knowledge to aspiring filmmakers. This is the only independent film festival in Ontario that showcases high caliber films made by female directors.

With each year Female Eye proves that it a growing a community concerned about educating women interested in filmmaking. It encourages women across the globe to come together and share what inspires them.


Awards presented this year included:


Best Short Film 2014

Winner: “Voyeuse” directed by Florence Sobieski

Best Experimental 2014

Winner: “Sight”, directed by Thirza Cuthand

Best Animation 2014

Winner: Tammy Hahn director of “Gnosis”

Best Documentary 2014

Winner: “Cast in Sand”, directed by Rebecca Roberts-Wolfe

Best Debut Feature 2014

Winner: “My Name Is Vivienne”, directed by Marjorie Cohen

Best Canadian Feature 2014

Winner: “Lucille’s Ball” directed by Lulu Keating

“Best of Show” 2014

Winner: “Euphoria” directed by Paula Kelly

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