Italian Contemporary Film Festival 2017

Source: ICFF 2017 – Photos by Sara Shirley

The Italian Contemporary Film Festival (ICFF) is an annual festival that showcases films created by Italian Filmmakers from all over the world. The screenings take place in Toronto, Montreal, Hamilton, Niagara Falls, Quebec City, and Vaughan in June, Italian Heritage month. This year ICFF ran from June 8-16 and lived up to it’s standing as one of the major Italian film festivals in the world. The major winners were:

                                           Christian de Sica

Lifetime Achievement Award winner is Christian de Sica, the Italian king of comedy who has entertained many generations with his 107 films.      

PEOPLES CHOICE AWARD winner is At War for Love by Pierfrancesco Diliberto’s, who also plays the lead character Pif. The film tells the story of Pif and his lover Miriam Leone and their role in helping the US and allied forces conquer Sicily during WWII.

Film Critics Award winner is Claudio Giovannesi’s Fiore, a film about a teenage girl who experiences inhuman treatment at a reform school after being caught stealing.

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