ReelAbilities Film Festival 2017-Toronto

Throughout human history people have had trouble accepting Deafness and/or disabilities in themselves and other people. Whether they’re inspiring pity or disdain or being ostracized, people who are Deaf and/or disabled are often made to feel different. The few scenes of people who are Deaf and/or disabled in films and media only further emphasize the negative pre-existing stereotypes. We all have disabilities and limitations, though, some people’s handicaps are just more visible than others. The ReelAbilities Film Festival was created in 2007 to change existing misconceptions. The festival empowers people who are Deaf and/or disabled by providing them a platform to showcase films made by people who are Deaf and/or disabled, staring people who are Deaf and/or disabled. Their mission is to normalize and humanize these underrepresented members of society and allow them to highlight their abilities. The ReelAbilities Film Festival is held in fourteen cities, thirteen in the US and one in Toronto, Canada. The 2017 Toronto edition will run from May 11-18. Make sure you get your ticket and support this great festival.

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